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This tumblr is dedicated to animated gifs of the wonderful midfielder Xabier "Xabi" Alonso Olano.

my gifs: old - new(ish)


I DO NOT take requests.
However I love submissions!

Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me. No money is made from this, since it's from fans for fans.

Most gifs have been made by someone else, so there'll be LOTS of reblogging.

I try to credit every source, but sometimes I can't tell anymore, who made it, so I'm sorry that I can't provide credit all the time. If you find a gif you made here and want to be credited, alert me through the Ask page. :)

main sources off tumblr are:
una madridista

personal tumblr


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12 April 11
it’s….. sensual (cropped a gif made by una madridista)

it’s….. sensual (cropped a gif made by una madridista)

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Springfield themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh

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